Suicide Awareness

Know the warning signs and save a life

You may have heard that people who talk about suicide won’t actually go through with it. That’s not true. In fact 75% of people who commit suicide give some warning. This means all suicide threats should be taken seriously – and you can do something to stop someone you care about from taking their life.   
  • Talks about committing suicide
  • Has difficulties eating or sleeping
  • Exhibits dramatic changes in behavior
  • Withdraws from friends and social activities
  • Losses interest in school, work or hobbies
  • Prepares for death in writing a will, goodbye letter, or making final arrangements
  • Has attempted suicide before
  • Takes unnecessary risks
  • Has recently experienced serious loss or losses
  • Appears pre-occupied with death or dying
  • Losses interest in his or her personal appearance
  • Increase alcohol or drug use
  • Gives away prized possessions
American Association of Suicidology, 2010
Please note: warning signs not limited to these